I have evacuated from Koriyama city in Fukushima pref to Osaka.


When the quake occurred, I was living with my husband who is a salaried worker, a kindergarten child, and a newborn baby.


The NP-plant explosion (note from translator: it means hydrogen explosion that broke the house of reactor) occurred when the authority announced stay-indoor direction within 30 kilometers.

Our house was at 50 to 60 kilometers, so there was no direction from the government. But we came to Osaka by airplane on March 15th as an evacuation just in case until the NP-plant settles down.


It turned out that even Koriyama, much more than 30 kilometers away from the NP-plant, was badly polluted. I feel anger still now against the wrong handling by Tokyo Electricity Co. and the government. If they had given right information, I wouldn’t have went out of the house, I would have made my children wear masks and evacuated in haste.


Eventually, we went to the airport for evacuation. Children took off masks soon. We waited there for a while, for airplanes were behind the schedule.

Since we were near the door, we seemed to have breathed radioactive materials pretty much.

I am worried about my breast milk still now, for I was nursing my younger child with it only.


Couple of days after we arrived at Osaka, I was in very bad shape with throat pain, mild fever, headache, bout of vomiting, and stomachache. I didn’t know if it was due to fatigue or radiation, though.


The older child suffered from fever often in April and May.

She had nosebleed repeatedly in May, and it went on for more than a month. I never thought it was because of radiation at that time. But the case like my daughter began to be mentioned on TV.

I am worried now. 


I like to get evacuated children to have continual medical check. There isn’t any specific information about health problem. I am just hoping nothing will happen.


My husband left Osaka to Nigata some days after our arrival at Osaka, and returned to Koriyama in April. 

We have been living separately since then. He is being radiated every day. He obviously look tired, it makes me worried.

Since I heard milk was polluted there, I sent milk made in Kyushu. I would like to decrease inside-radiation, at least.

My husband always comes back home late, so his main food is bento-boxed lunch of supermarkets or convenience stores. I worry about radiation of them, for they are local products.

Polluted areas do need safe foods from safe areas. I worry about internal exposure in high air dose.


He sometimes comes to Osaka to see two children. The older one is really looking forward to meeting father, so asks “Will dad come next Saturday?” every week. The younger one isn’t conscious of him yet. My husband feels sort of sad, for the younger one shows puzzled facial expression every time they meet.


We were planning to go back to Koriyama after spring vacation in the beginning. Next, we planned after Golden Week (holidays week in early May in Japan), and next, after summer vacation…it hasn’t come true yet, and there is no prospect.


The older one moved to other kindergarten, so he had to say goodbye to good friends there.


When I told them that we couldn’t go back to Fukushima, for it is dangerous, the child asked me ”Are my friends in Fukushima OK? ” I had no word to return.


Now that bad information comes out one after another, I can’t trust the nation, Japan, any more.  Standard about radiation announced by the government is not trusty, so it is not trusty either even if it is said that foods or rubbles are safe.


The radiated think they never want to be radiated any more.


The affected area is in trouble with rubbles (it is doubtful if people there are really hoping disposal of rubbles in wide-area or not, and I don’t think rubbles is the only problem that disturbs reconstruction.), so it is difficult to say, but to share radioactivity altogether is irrational. To make unpolluted areas getaways for the afflicted people and to let them eat unpolluted foods can be better support for them.


I am sorry to farmers or dairy farmers (to be blamed is Tokyo Electricity Power Co. and the government), but foods made in Kanto or Tohoku area need to be examined with strict standard. And if it is really clean, I love to buy them and support the afflicted areas.


What I hope is a quite ordinary thing – to live in the environment where we are altogether and the children can run around freely. 

I really appreciate that we have such kind of environment here – kindergartens or play grounds where they can play without worry.

All we need for children is not to increase polluted area any more.