I am the facilitator of OCHABERIKAI (a group in which they talk together over tea), and also a mother evacuating with my children.

I would like to talk a little about the how and why of my evacuation…


My house is in Urayasu city, Chiba pref.

It leaned, gas and water supply stopped because of the liquefaction caused by the earthquake on March 11th 2011. I thought it was impossible to take care of my children in such a situation, so I evacuated to my parents’ house in Osaka with them, two-year-and-two-month-old one and eight-month-old one at that time.


At first, I didn’t think the NP-plant accident was so dangerous.

Views on TV looked serious, but I believed that if it was so serious, the government should let the nation get away.

However, I thought I’d better learn about radioactivity and NP-plant well by the finish of mending house, so began to do it through the internet. It was because I had a doubt about Mr.Edano’s remark “it doesn’t affect immediately.” and about the gap between the government’s report and other countries reactions. For example, schools in South Korea have closed, saying “Radiated rain falls.” In China, tourists from Japan refused their entry, for they have radioactive materials on their bodies.


What I saw was a video.

In a news show, a guest, Mr. Takashi Hirose, a non-fiction writer, was telling how dangerous and serious situation the NP-plant is in, expressing his anger against the government.

His remarks were 180°different from the ones on TV or newspapers.

“Now, Japan is teetering on the brink of extinction.”

It was impressing that he was saying “Everybody who are watching TV, check it by yourself. Doing so only a little makes you recognize that how dishonest the government’s explanation is.”


It sounded suspicious at first, for I was thinking the information on TV or newspapers were right.

I was surprised and scared by what was completely different from the ones I had trusted so far.

But I felt it is right that Japan is in a serious situation now. It was nothing but my intuition, though.

Since then, I devoted myself on learning NP-plant and radioactivity through the internet.


The more I did it, the scarier it became. And the idea that we shouldn’t go back to Chiba came to me.

I had quarrels many times with my husband who had spent days without any doubt like what I had been so far.

My insistence that all of my family members should evacuate, even if we lose everything physical was rejected by him, saying” You are thinking too much, getting nervous.”

“People are still living there, so it’s OK.” ”It is rude to those who are managing to spend days in Fukushima for you in Chiba to evacuate.”

He insisted like that, so we couldn’t reach an agreement, despite repeating discussions.

I got bewildered. I didn’t tend to compromise at all, for it was a matter concerning our lives.


It was mentally exhausting that our discussions ended up big quarrels every time.

Persuading me myself to consider that being beaten by this is same as surrendering to radioactivity, changing the mood, telling myself that our gap is not at the affection to our children, but at the realization on radioactivity, I e-mailed videos, information, books that I had watched or read to him a little by a little.

Even reluctantly he watched and read them well. He, who was saying it was safe, finally said “I am not sure if it is dangerous or safe.” some months later.

And now, he says “It must be dangerous. You’ better continue the evacuation. But I can’t do it. I can’t give up the job I have been doing here so far.”

I am esteeming, or not able to make him abandon his thought yet that he can’t leave what he has accumulated at the workplace to change the job, so he makes efforts to be transferred to other branch.

I don’t know if the transfer comes true first, or he is taken with illness first. I have no idea how long my family life apart will continue. Such days are going on.


Each family has different circumstances. However, what is common to many mothers evacuating with their children is that they decided evacuation in order to protect children.


I would like them to know there are a lot of mothers who have the same thought.

I would like to support such mothers who are struggling to protect their children.

With an idea like that, I designed and set up this group, OCHABERIKAI.