To all of evacuees


Hello, everybody. I am a housewife who evacuated from Tokyo to Osaka with my children. When the accident happened, my daughter was ten months old and my son was three years old. I made up my mind to evacuate, for I realized that Japan’s government’s treatment on the NP-plant accident is worse than that of the USSR’s on Chernobyl.


I have hardly met my husband, because I already touched my savings and can’t afford travel cost.

The daughter came to be able to walk and talk, while my husband didn’t know it.


He insists that he can’t change the job at his age, so continues present job in Tokyo.

Children loves dad so much that they hug him crying, when they meet him after months’ interval, and say ”bye-bye” also crying.


Our life in peace until 3.11 will never return.

I realized that we shouldn’t take being able to be together with family members for granted. It is something very wonderful and so happy. If it had been not for NP-plant, we could have been together.

I can’t forgive me myself who were ignorant and indifferent about it so far.


Don’t you think something is wrong about the electricity that is being made with laborer’s radiation exposure from the beginning?

Haven’t you imagined if the laborers were someone that you love…?


Small lives that I had at last after I got together with my beloved husband.

Hyper emesis and heavy belly that always make me feel sick. The tiny babies who smell sweet and look like me that I got through the intense pain I experienced for the first time, after pregnancy period tougher than expected. 


I often check their breath in worry if it is stopping or not during their peaceful sleep. I got worried more than necessity whether they are not OK somewhere when they cry weekly.

Their laughing voices sounds comfortably like birds’ tweets.

Now, I know that most of adults have grown up with such emotions of their mothers. This is the very selfless love.


Now I know that the ones I dislike also used to be someone’s precious babies. Therefore, I don’t need electricity that is not able to be made without sacrifice of someone.


I am against NP-plant.

To be honest, I used to dislike demonstration very much. I used to have the image that only particular ones are doing that.

But now, I think we, evacuees are the ones who should raise voices.


If it hadn’t been not for NP-plant, my husband wouldn’t have had to live life without his children in their cutest period.

Their smiles when they stood up for the first time, their lovely move when they are toddling. My husband was not able to see any of them.

He sleeps and gets up in the house we left, and is just going to work place, being radiated alone.

Now he can’t do even the only pleasure of him who was busy, to see the children’s sleeping face.

He is putting up with it, persuading himself it is better for them than to get diseases due to radiation. 

I feel sorry about his life.


I don’t know what to do from now on. I don’t know if the evacuation life of mother and children is right or not, either.

After a year, many of evacuating mothers are returning home. I myself am also thinking if this has been right or not every night, looking at children’s sleeping faces.


What can I do now?

What can I do in order to make children’s future better even if only a little?

At least, I like to stop NP-plant, the cause that caused such a thing like this at our generation. I came to think this way.


Evacuees know that there are many people who can’t raise their voices, for they are supported by major companies. 

So, small voice will do. Wearing hats, sunglasses and masks, covering your faces, why don’t you walk with us?

Many small voices make a big voice. Let’s gather everybody’s a little courage and make a big wave.


I get upset every time earthquake occurs, worried about NP-plant’s situation, get bewildered what to buy at supermarket, get suffered seeing children filling their mouths happily with the dinner I cooked, thinking “There might be poison in this dinner.” or get worried if my breast milk is polluted or not.

I hate to make someone else feel the same.

I don’t want to make any child or adult suffer from diseases.

I don’t need NP-plant anyway, in order to make children’s future bright and also for myself.


Please walk together with us, being linked altogether with only this thought.




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